The Gallery Bar

The Gallery Bar offers you an area on the ground floor, in close proximity to the main entrance and front patio. The room gives you the perfect space to meet and greet guests and for those who may have had a long journey. The Gallery Bar allows them to sit down with a welcome drink and gather with friends before the main event. If preferred, The Gallery Bar can also be used as a quieter area, away from the main party, or as an area for additional entertainment.

Features of The Gallery Bar: 

  • Situated on the ground floor
  • In close proximity to the entrance and front patio
  • Rustic features including an oak bar
  • Plenty of seating around the walls
  • Room dimensions; width: 5.6 metres; length: 9.5 metres

If you would like more information about The Gallery Bar or would like to arrange a visit to The Venue at Kersey Mill, please do not hesitate to get in touch.